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Image Darna


Release Date 2022-11-30
Runtime 35 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama
Stars Jane De Leon, Joshua Garcia, Janella Salvador, Zaijian Jaranilla, Paolo Gumabao
Directors Avel E. Sunpongco, Benedict Mique, Carlo Katigbak, Cory V. Vidanes, Laurenti Dyogi

When fragments of a green crystal scatter in the city and turn people into destructive monsters, Narda embraces her destiny as Darna—the mighty protector of the powerful stone from Planet Marte.

1. A New Leaf


Turning a new leaf after defeating Borgo, Darna sets her sights on apprehending the remaining Extras and beating Valentina. Brian finds a new lead about his father's demise as a syndicate floods Nueva Esperanza with a dangerous party drug.

2. Luna


Desperate to grow stronger, Valentina begins victimizing innocent people as she vows to defeat Darna. Narda is forced to prove her mettle as the new protector when a person from Leonor's past attacks her.

3. The Hunt


Narda goes undercover to help Oleg investigate the syndicate behind the party drug called Sparkler. Brian chases a drug courier in hopes of finding Pintado Gang's base. Regina grows more adamant in defeating Darna as she recalls her father's words.

4. Gut-wrenching Gut Feeling


Brian brims with joy after quelling the syndicate that caused his father's demise. Luna encourages Narda to trust her gut feeling that Borgo is still alive. Sick of being defeated by her archnemesis, Regina spares no effort to find Darna's weakness.

5. Cat and Mouse


Valentina tries to lure Darna out of hiding upon learning that she is living a double life. Determined to defeat her enemies, Narda begins her arduous training with Luna as her suspicions about Borgo intensify.

6. The Green-eyed Monster


Knowing that Narda will take care of Noah after Valentina's attack, Regina revels in the fact that she now has the opportunity to have Brian all to herself. Ding and Tricia confirm that Dr. Ibarra is conducting illegal experiments at the facility.

7. Hiraya


Tricia plans to take advantage of the upcoming festival to infiltrate Dr. Ibarra's research facility. With the Agryx gone, Borgo comes up with an alternate way to steal the stone from Darna. Narda learns the key to unlocking her full potential.

8. Happy Fiesta


Getting the opportunity to communicate with his fellow inmates, Eli lays down his plan to break out from the research facility. Soon, the Extras launch an attack, turning Nueva Esperanza's lively festival into a disaster.

9. Armada


Luna is left with no choice but to appear in public in a bid to help Darna beat the Extras. Borgo fumes over Zaldy's decision to lock down the research facility following the disaster. Ding makes a concerning discovery about Valentina's victims.

10. Shipwreck


Regina begins to have suspicions about Narda as she inches closer to uncovering Darna's real identity. An unforeseen circumstance prevents Luna from returning to Marte.

11. Fake Darna


As the citizens of Nueva Esperanza fear that their superhero has turned evil, Darna engages her doppelganger in battle. Before her inevitable return to Marte, Luna asks Master Klaudio to help the protector reach her full potential.

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